Where’s Mom’s head?

Well in lighter news, yesterday was an eventful afternoon. Around 2:30pm I received an e-mail I wasn’t expecting but was really good news. I was so excited, as I was telling my husband about it I realized I had to go pick up our littles. So, I jumped up and got ready then ran out the door (still on the phone). Soon as I hung up I realized I just locked myself out of the house. Ugh, and for some odd reason our hide-a-key is on the INSIDE of the front door. Now, I’m in panic mode. I frantically call my husband back and explain the situation and that he would have to leave work early. After we hung up my pone died. UGH again, so I’m looking around the street and notice my neighbor’s door is open.

As I’m limping across the street to ask to use her phone, I had to go to the bathroom. After, I use her phone and let my husband know my phone died I head back across the street only to remember *crackers* I didn’t ask to use the bathroom but, I was already too far across the street to turn back now. So, I get back to my place want to sit down to rest my knee but everything is wet.

At this point, I’m over it. Then, I look up and notice a bald eagle circling over my head. Aw, humbling moment to remind me that it’s just a bad day, still a blessed life. Just when my husband and kids pull up I found a place to sit. *palm to face* My husband walks up and unlocks the door and says ” Ok girls, let’s go inside and find moms’ head.”

Might as well

Well things have finally became too much. School, work, family, surgery….is alot and i made the decision to not “give up” but reduce and reprioritize my time. Thanks to my new planner. I also decided to continue with my blog even though I dropped the class.

What can I say, this might be very beneficial for me (and I already paid for it). So I hope to maintain my followers and hope you will continue on this journey with me.

“A lot of what is most beautiful about the world arises from struggle”

-Malcolm Gladwell

When is too much, too much

Ok, to make things even more stressful I just wrote my whole blog and still can’t seem to figure out the picture thing, tried to publish and clicked out of it and now, here I am writing it all over again. Ok, so when I decided to go back to school my husband asked me if i was sure it wasn’t going to be too much. I thought to myself, nah when I’m at work I can do my homework.

So, turns out he may have been right? Being a Full time mom, a now Part time student, and a Fulltime night shift supervisor with a newly repaired ACL and a manager who is out with CoVid (send good vibes @KristaGill) until the 1st. Is putting alot of stress on me however, giving up is not a choice for me, I have far too many people counting on me and in order for us to have a better life I need to finish……lesson here, I started this and I will finish. I’ve also learned…………know when too much is too much.

School or Work…….School work

Motivation Station

Good day all, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what motivates me. All the animals in my circus are what keep me going. Last week, we went swimming at the wellness center and I told my two youngest to go ahead and go get dressed in their suits and then come around into the pool area and show me they are ready. WELL, not even 2 minutes later here comes Aalah, running through the entire facility buck naked. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I felt my face go bright red and my heart was pounding. So, as much as I thought my 3yr old is old enough to get ready to swim, SHE IS NOT! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way…..

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